About Us

24/7 Adjuster Resource

Our Founder Seth Lawson has worked in the insurance claims industry for over 25 years helping carriers and adjusters reach their claim handling goals. His focus is work ethic, customer service, and visionary thinking. He began his career path as a First Responder deployed for a top national independent adjusting firm to Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The following 26 years he continued his career path with the same firm as an Independent Adjuster, Claims Trainer, Field Operations Coordinator and Vice President of Claims. During this time his specialty was building a multiline daily and catastrophe response division for multiple national insurance and super regional carriers. His relationships with both the clients and adjusters were built on trust, service, and communication.

"This is a reactive service industry; proper planning and surrounding yourself with the best is key. Working to ensure everyone from the policy holders, adjusters, and clients meet every expectation is an exciting challenge. It's rewarding to impact lives at each level and to truly make a difference."

Seth Lawson